Shukra, known as Venus in the scientific world. Shukra, the Sanskrit for “pure” or “Bright” is the title of the son of Bhrigu and Ushana. He was once the preceptor of the “Daityas” and the guru of the “Asuras”. The Shukra Puja is committed to Shukra Graha or Planet Venus. Shukra Puja is suggested to those who have a malefic Shukra or Venus in their horoscope.


The Character will face problems and horrific good fortune due to the fact of malefic Venus or Shukra. Shukra bestows the devotee with wealth, prosperity, and lengthy life. The Shukra puja and homam are completed for planet Shukra that spends one month in every graha and takes one month to whole the entire cycle.

Shukra additionally symbolizes love, marriage, spouse, beauty, happiness, art, prosperity, ardor, and sex. It blesses humans with the electricity to manipulate their experience organs and assist them to attain identity and fame. Shukra is additionally the lord of three nakshatras or lunar mansions: Purva Phalguni, Bharani, and Purvaashadha.

Shukra, additionally recognized as Shukracharya, is viewed as one of the most effective Sages. He is the guru of the demons. Shukra, even a planet, is worshiped on Friday. Shukra additionally acknowledged as Shukracharya, is considered as one of the gorgeous sages of all times.

He is additionally hailed as the guru of the Daityas (demons). An immensely realized man who confirmed first-rate dedication and braveness desired to avenge the Devas for now not giving him a rightful area in the Devaloka.

Therefore, he selected to be part of the Daityas in their combat in opposition to the Devas. Astrologically, Shukra is the planet Venus. Hence, as a Graha (planet).


Shukra has twin management over Taurus and Libra. Therefore, it represents two foremost areas of their life. Money and Love. It performs a vital function in experiencing superb energies from the universe to do away with fitness and relationship issues. It imparts a fine enhancement to make the love existence blissful.


⦁ It is crucial for these having an bothered Shukra in their horoscope.

⦁ It is a fantastic treatment for these going through difficulties in their relationship.

⦁ It is extraordinarily beneficial for these are dealing with obstacles/delays in their marriage

⦁ Strenghening the Shukra can dramatically enhance the marital bliss in one’s life.

⦁ It can raise the profession of these associated to films, fashion, music, or leisure industry.

⦁ It is a amazing way to fulfill any materialistic desire.

⦁ Venus blesses one with pleasures, riches, luxuries, and comforts.