Navagraha is the Pooja performed dependent on the planetary situations in the Horoscope. Bad deeds or karmas from one’s past birth alongside the planetary places of grahas (doshas) will have a heading on a people’s funds and wealth.

Navagraha Pooja conciliates malefic planets and reinforces considerate planets, bringing about the migration of snags close to home and expert life. Worship of 9 planets is a dependable Vedic ceremony, which joins the poojas for every one of the nine planets in our Vedic sciences.


The Navagraha Shanti Pooja has the ability to invalidate or eliminate all doshas defects in one’s horoscope and empower the individual to succeed throughout everyday life.

The Navagraha Pooja or Navagraha Shanti Puja of a specific graha establishes an ideal climate to give the individual the essential strength and mental guts to defeat issues in their day-to-day life.

  • Turmeric powder 250 gms
  • Kumkum 1 Packet
  • Sandalwood Paste/Powder 1 Packet
  • Incense sticks 1 Packet
  • Camphor 1 Packet
  • Flowers 2 Bunches
  • Fruits 12 Bananas and other fruits
  • Betel leaves and nuts 10 each
  • Coconuts – 2 nos
  • Dry Coconuts(Whole) – 2 nos
  • Rice – 500 gms
  • Ghee – 500 gms
  • Kalasa Vastram – 2 Yards of fabric
  • Honey – 1 small bottle
  • Naivedyam Any Sweet Devotees Choice
  • Coins (quarters) – 25
  • Navadhanya – Wheat, Rice,Thoor Dal, Moong Dal, Chana Dal, Rajma (White), Sesame
  • Vastram – Red cloth 2, White cloth 2, Yellow cloth 1, Green cloth 1, Blue cloth 1, Black cloth 1
  • Other materials – Deepam (Lamps), Oil, Match box, Cotton Wicks, Kalasam 1, Panchapatra and Uddhrini, Two small trays, Two big trays, Five small cups