The astrology planet Mercury is additionally recognized as Budh Graha as per Hindu astrology. Read on to discover about the character of a baby born beneath Mercury planet or Budh Graha. You will additionally locate some infant names for children born beneath Mercury planet and some statistics about Mercury planet or Budh Graha.


The astrological planet Mercury is represented by using a beautiful inexperienced color. A baby born below this planet is in all likelihood to imbibe the traits that are regular of this planet. As per Vedic astrology mercury is regarded as the messenger of Gods. It governs the zodiac signs and symptoms like Gemini (Mithun Rashi) or Virgo (Kanya Rashi).

It additionally symbolizes Genius or wisdom. It is the closest planet to the solar, which is additionally acknowledged for the traits like cleverness, wit, and humor.

Individuals who are ruled by means of mercury or Budh planet are blessed with sharp questioning skills. However, they are also regarded to cope with the troubles like hesitancy and anxiousness. It symbolizes sensibility.

It is additionally recognized to have a superb have an impact on over the analytical capabilities and the way of questioning in a person.


Listed beneath are some fascinating records associated to the Mercury planet.

  • Wednesday is the day that is devoted to this planet.
  • This planet represents an inexperienced and mild inexperienced color.
  • The route that this planet signifies is the north direction.
  • The zodiac symptoms or Rashish which the planet Mercury guidelines are Gemini and Virgo.
  • The planets which are impartial to planet mercury consist of a planet like Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter.

Budh Graha is regarded to be having its personal magnitude in astrology. Mercury planet represents intelligence, intellect, communication, analysis, the senses (skin), science, mathematics, business, training, and research. On the other side.

Budha Graha Jaap is carried out with the aid of invoking Budha Devaru and chanting mantras for Budha god and the Budha Graha Shanti Jaap is carried out as per the shastras to get rid of all the trouble going on due to this dish.


A character attains fabric and nonsecular improvement by means of getting rid of the malefic outcomes of the planet with the aid of performing Budha Graha Jaap.

Negative effects are nullified and the effective effects of Budha Graha are multiplied, which helps the character or pupil to flourish in the instructional field.

This Jaap helps in bringing concord and success of wishes and get rid of misfortune, fitness issues, and different evil effects.