Navagraha pooja

Navagraha Pooja: India Astro Science was set up in the year 2002. Astrology has been a family profession for eras and has been passed down to me from my ancestors. With years of involvement with astrology.

I have been lucky enough to effectively help various people and their families from various backgrounds with a different scope of problems.

As indicated by Indian Vedic Astrology, it is said that the nine planets impact the course of life and various perspectives, for instance, marriage, wellbeing, vocation, money, and numerous others.

The planetary situation in the horoscope shapes the yogas or the doshas (negative impacts) and due to these “Navagraha doshas” one faces impediments and obstacles for the duration of regular daily existence.

Although the planets have their things, these malefic doshas or malefic effects can be restricted by doing the love for the nine planets. By finishing this puja through knowledgeable pandits in the right manner, one is honored with help and success from hindrances, ill-health, and disharmony.

Navagraha pooja is done on the unique day (muhurta) which is resolved according to the horoscope of the local for what it is to be acted to get the best benefits.

In the Navagraha puja, the presenting of the mantra for the nine planets Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury is done. These mantras are done to assuage the Navagraha’s. This is furthermore called the Graha Shanti puja.

Navagraha Pooja and its Benefits

Sincere worship of any planet, particularly which is not well-positioned one’s birth horoscope, reduces the terrible impacts of the planet on life’s exercises, alongside reinforcing the positive and ideal impacts of that planet. In the passages below, gave are the navagraha pooja benefits in your day-to-day existence, to educate and help people of the world:

Navagraha pooja
Navagraha pooja
  • Worship of Sun (Surya) promotes strength and bravery, dominance over enemies, success and renown, health and prosperity, and relief from chronic diseases.
  • Worship of the Moon (Chandra) is immensely beneficial for mental peace, charming personality, excellent control over emotions, prosperity, fame, and success in life.
  • Worship of Mars (Mangal) offers magnificent health, wealth, power, and prosperity in life; and alleviates the chances of accidents, robberies, fatal attacks, and custody.
  • Worship of Mercury (Budha) grants wisdom, profitable success, and growth, wealth, relief from illness related to the nervous system and body functions.
  • Worship of Jupiter (Guru) purifies negative and bad emotions and gives virtuous strength and volar. Other things boosted by this puja are health and longevity, high education and philosophical skills, wealth and fortune, progeny-related blessings, and religious tendencies.
  • Worship of Venus (Shukra) blesses good and strong love and relationships, the longevity of life, wealth and prosperity, development in education and art, renown in media, lovely children, and well-rounded domestic happiness.
  • Worship of Saturn (Shani) promotes mental peace, health and pleasure, and wealth, and is very instrumental for reducing the intensity of hardship caused by adversities.
  • Worship of Rahu (Dragon’s head) offers longevity of life, improvement of power, deep and sharp understanding of things, and high social status.
  • Worship of Ketu (Dragon’s tail) promotes health, wealth, luck, domestic pleasure, and well-rounded prosperity of the devotee, and reduces the chances of loss of property and death caused by poisonous substances.

The Primary Goals of This Navagraha Puja

The Navagraha Shanti Puja benefits are to counter-affect the negative visionary effects and doshas of the nine planets(Navagraha). The Navagraha Pooja has been a suitable and solid tantric service.

It can engage a person for the achievement of good wellbeing, information and schooling, colossal wealth, peace and thriving, and adjusted achievement and eminence for the duration of regular day-to-day life.

The Navagraha pooja has the amazing and selectability to discredit or abstain from all blemishes or doshas present in the birth horoscope.

These Doshas or negative impacts from the planets and their blend can be invalidated or restricted by playing out the Navagraha puja. The custom is shown to be immensely valuable to the family and every single one of the people who perform it.

The Navagraha Shanti Puja intends to mollify every one of the nine planets, on the best day as indicated by the horoscope of the people, and this improves for all intents and purposes all pieces of life, including better prosperity, thriving, karma, bliss, etc.